A Few of My Favorite Podcasts (#Trypod)

A bunch of my favorite podcasts are engaged in a viral marketing push called #trypod in which they encourage their listeners to introduce their friends and families to podcasts they might like. I'm totally onboard with giving them free publicity because podcasts genuinely add joy to my life. The problem is that I have so many favorites that it's had to know where to start in making recommendations. So instead of trying to narrow it down to a tweetable short list, I'm posting this list, with hyperlinks, in an attempt to make it easier for my friends to find the podcasts that catch their attention from among the many that I love.

(Here's a quick-start guide from This American Life on options for downloading podcasts if you don't want to just listen through your web browser. DAD.)

Most of my favorite podcasts are nonfiction storytelling programs. Here are some of them, with their major themes:
I am usually quick to lose patience with unscripted roundtable-style podcasts, but a couple of my absolute favorites are in the smart people with microphones category:
And one delightfully surreal serial fiction show:
For even more attention-worthy podcasts, these producers and networks have reliably high-quality offerings on a variety of topics:


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have been looking for some more podcasts to help me get through the daily dish washing chore. I usually get by with my two favorites: On Being and Pray-as-you-go, but I am running out of the On Being archives and very much need some new options.

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