I am so frustrated

I am in a grading groove. I have somehow, miraculously, maybe, broken through the wall of procrastination and self-doubt that makes grading divinity student papers a heinous chore. I feel like if I sat down and did it right now, I could get this entire stack of papers graded within a couple of hours. I could assign fair grades and provide concise yet helpful and encouraging feedback (okay, encouraging might be a stretch for one of them), and actually enjoy the project.

Who is this weird person? What kind of freak enjoys grading?

The frustrating part is that I can't do it now, because I also have a seminar presentation for tomorrow for which I have not finished the reading. So I have to shelve the grading and dive into Medieval English -- which I also enjoy, especially when I'm in a groove, but grading grooves are so hard to come by it seems a shame to waste one. What if it's not there anymore when I return to this task tomorrow?

I guess the good news is just knowing that there is such a thing as a grading groove, and that I am personally capable of having one. This bodes encouragingly for a career in academia. It would suck to have a major part of my job description involve an activity I always detest.


Peter Onigan said...

Hi Rachel:

It took me a few weeks to follow through on reading through the blog, but now I'll try to keep an eye on it.

Sorry my comment is not related to this post, but I wanted to comment that I was really amused that BlogSpot winds up specifying your 'industry' as 'religion'. I don't recall many pastors talking about themselves as being part of the religion industry. Odd choice of words on the part of BlogSpot.

In order to leave comments, I had to create a user name and blog title, but I couldn't even bring myself to write a single post. Maybe someday I'll have something to say, but for now I'll just keep consuming information.

Have I told you about how people often call me Peter? When I call someone I've never met before, such as a sales person, they often hear my name as Peter Onigan. I think they aren't prepared to hear just the initials as a first name, and so they blur the initials together with the 'r' in the last name. It has happened persistently over six or seven years, and it's already happened once at the new job.


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