Wealth as Peril

I confess. There's something profoundly wrong about complaining about the burden of a 6-pound computer. It sobers me to think that I am now on my third computer, which is three more than the vast majority of human beings will own in their lifetimes. And I whine about being a cash-strapped, impoverished student. Like I know the first thing about poverty.

We studied the book of Amos in Scripture and Ethics class this week. I love Amos. One of the reasons I find pastoral ministry appealing is that I would love the chance to preach through Amos. But I sat there during the lecture wondering, why do I love this book? It should be scaring the shit out of me. Am I not like the cows of Bashan?



CyberianTygre said...

How about a "ewe of Bashan?"


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