Life imitates satire

For a monthly dose of The Onion-style lampooning of the evangelical subculture (but with a lower risk of running into a joke in extremely poor taste), check out (Apropos an earlier discussion, one of their fake ads is for a communion plate with a salad-bar style "Sneez-Gard.")

For a real life story that sounds like it comes straight out of one of these satire publications, except that it's so bizarre they couldn't have made it up (and it would be majorly less funny if it were fiction), read this profile of a born-again firebrand whose tongue apparently didn't get the sanctification memo. (Thanks to Ted Olsen, professional uberblogger, for the link.)

I'm hard-pressed to pick a favorite quote -- "the hard-earned sweat of your brow" is a memorable turn of phrase, but she's only getting started. I also love: "I'm always angry. The joy of the Lord is my ... strength." And the journalist picks a winning note to close on: "But you can't take my @*#% soul. That belongs to Christ." I'm dying to know what that "@*#%" stands in for, but I'm just going to imagine that the bleeped word is G--d--n, because that's just so poetic.


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