Bright Sunshiny Day

It's amazing the difference a little sun makes.

Yesterday I was in the slew of glumness. For no apparent reason (other than the bleak gray chill), I was overwhelmed with sadness, to the point of blocking out any of the anxiety that might prompt me to ACTUALLY GET SOME WORK DONE. (I finally actually got some work done. But not much.)

Today is bright and sunshiny and springlike. My mood is a million times better. Oddly enough, even in the fluorescent-lit bowels of the library, my mood is lifted just knowing that it's bright and sunshiny outside of this dungeon.

(No, I'm not wasting a beautiful day in the dungeon. I'm just using it as my base of operations.)

Back to work.


Wordfarmer said...

fyi, Costco has full-spectrum desk lamps on sale for around $28.00. I bought 2.

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