It was the GECKO

Driving home tonight, I heard a report on the BBC that involved interviewing British school children about the EU. One of the youngsters opined that an effort to create a homogeneous European community at the expense of national distinctiveness (not his words) could conceivably become "a bit boring" (his words).

The deja vu alarm went off in my brain. I've heard that phrase in that accent somewhere, sometime in the not-too-distant past. I spent the rest of the ride home racking my brain, scrolling back through my recent audiobook listens and favorite radio shows.

I'm listening to The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. It has a boy with a British accent. But, no, that's not it.

David Sedaris performing a complete cast of animal characters in a one-man radio drama on This American Life? Close, somehow, but no.

Then it struck me with such suddenness that I exclaimed aloud: It was the GECKO! I'm remembering a flipping car insurance commercial!

I'm not sure whether to be pleased with myself that I was finally able to make that mental connection, or disgusted that I'm wasting precious mental space storing that bit of media flotsam.


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