Warning to Chapel Basement Denizens

The old lids do not fit the new cups.

The easy way to learn this is simply to pay attention.

The more involved way to learn this is to try to force an old lid onto a new cup, while not paying attention. This is a good way to get coffee all over your front, the counter, the cabinet front, and the rug.

Fortunately, there is a roll of paper towels on hand. Now somewhat depleted.

Fortunately, also, coffee doesn't show up much when you're wearing mostly black.

Do not ask me how I know this.

(P.S. I'm more comfortable with my haircut now that I've washed it.)


CyberianTygre said...

Still feeling listless?

Rachel said...

No; now I'm glum.

Sarah said...

I've been waiting to see your new haircut, but I don't believe I've seen you in, like, weeks.
Or a couple of days. I can't tell, this time of year.

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