Despite the wonderful moral support, camaraderie, and evaluative expertise offered by Sarah and Angela, the grading is not going well.

More to the point, the grading is barely started. Despite spending six straight hours on the project yesterday.

The good news is that grades are due Monday, so there's no possibility of me stretching out the torture for weeks and making myself miserable.

The bad news is that grades are due Monday, and I have a mind-numbing haul of essay exams to evaluate between now and then.

And I'm just precepting one section of one class. How in the name of all that is good and holy am I ever going to handle a regular teaching load's worth of grading?

Right ... that is not my problem right now. No point in making today's troubles more pronounced by interpreting them as the definitive test of my entire future vocation. Didn't some wise person say something about each day having enough trouble of its own?


CyberianTygre said...

Go, Rachel, go! You can do it!

David and Sarah said...

I am suffering with you, sister. I looked at my stack about half an hour ago and counted but three exams remaining. Then I decided to take a break, went into my study, and discovered four more of the creatures lurking under a stack of books. Curses. No sleep for me tonight. And that means no A's for my poor students.
As for the future, cheer up: the only reason you and I are grading now is because professors don't have to grade this stuff for their own courses--survey courses, at least. That's why God made teaching assistants/preceptors. Some day, you'll have an army of grad students to take these headaches off your cranium....

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