Mr. Tumnus needs a muffler

My adopted godfather's house in Portland, Oregon is entirely decorated on a "Chronicles of Narnia" theme. You can take an online tour on his personal website. There is something wonderfully magical about it all.

One of the most recent additions to the decorating scheme is the conversion of an old storage space into "Mr. Tumnus' Cave." The pictures are about 3/4 of the way down the page following the above link.

This is the picture you see if you click on link #7, "Coat Rack holding Mr Tumnus's umbrella and red muffler." The caption reads: "Coat Rack holding Mr Tumnus's umbrella (minus red muffler - do you have one we could use?)."

It looks rather colorless, don't you think? So I was inspired:

Here is the muffler I manufactured, using two jumbo knitting needles, one and a half small skeins of funky knobbly yarn, and one Saturday afternoon (spent in good company). Some of my knitting friends are artists, who love to challenge themselves with advanced technique and beautiful patterns. I am in awe of them. Me, I just want something to do with my hands that doesn't require much attention or thought -- a simple (and very forgiving -- knobbly yarn and big needles cover a multitude of twisted stitches) scarf for a fictional faun is right up my alley.

It goes in the mail to Portland this afternoon. Posted by Picasa


Sarah said...

Oh, how CUTE!!!! I bet he'll LOVE it. What a sweet idea!

L McMullen said...

I much enjoyed the afternoon as well -- and seeing how shocked the boys were at how fast you finished that particular piece.
Man, I need to get myself some THICK needles like that. :)

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