Rachel needs a Gutenberg

My friends' parents ask to see pictures of their (my friends') children (e.g., the parents' grandchildren). My parents ask to see pictures of my new books. It's fitting, in an odd sort of way.

Here, then, is the crown jewel of last weekend's bookhunt: my new Gutenberg Bible.

Facsimile edition, of course. But still. :)

They were asking $150 on the first day of the Pittsboro Memorial Library Sale. Which was a very good price, but more than I could justify paying. I promised myself I would go back the next day and see if it was (1) still there and (2) marked down, and then think seriously about it.

Didn't make it back the next day. My printer died, and I spent too much time trying to revive it to make the trek out to Pittsboro.

But then, when I returned on the third and final day of the sale, mirabile dictu, it was still there. And discounted to $60.

I withhold comment on whether God wants us to be rich, but I took this as adequate evidence that God wanted me to be $60 poorer and in possession of a Gutenberg Bible.

More pictures? I thought you'd never ask.

The nativity and the adoration of the magi

The beginning of St. Matthew's Gospel

The initial P for the first epistle of Peter, complete with the saint holding the keys to the kingdom.

Not as much fun to play with and watch grow as a rapidly-growing little boy, but it does bring me joy. And there are no midnight feedings required.
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Sarah said...

OMG--You are so. unbelievably. cool.

That's awesome! Yes, I think God wanted you to have that.

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