At Least It's Not Denver

I was supposed to be back in my own bed by now.

But there was fog. So, the airplane that was supposed to take me to Portland couldn't land. It circled over our little airport for a half hour, then turned around and went back to Portland.

I got rebooked on an overnight schedule that would have had me spending an hour in O'Hare when it's nobody's business to be awake, and getting to RDU around 9:30.

But that airplane didn't even bother to leave Portland to come down and pick us up. (Our airport is the end of the line; the only commercial flights are to and from Portland. So it's an out-and-back operation for each flight.)

So I got rebooked on an early morning flight tomorrow. But that was contingent on tonight's flight from Portland being able to land, which didn't look terribly likely at the moment. And we were predicted to be coming up on another day of fog, so the next day's late morning flight didn't look too promising, either. Which would have pushed me back to another red eye schedule, and then, who knows?

And did I mention that I have to teach early Thursday afternoon? And that I can't finish my syllabus for that class until I consult some books that I left (on purpose, supposing a day and a half to be plenty of time for finishing touches) in NC?

Meanwhile, I'm starting to feel very much like the girl who cried wolf, as I send out a request for a ride home from the airport, and then cancel it, and then send out a new request, and then cancel that... My friends are very understanding, but I still feel like a spammer cluttering their inboxes with information that's obsolete almost as soon as I hit send.

The good news is, my plane has landed! So it's still not certain that weather will let me out, but generally landing is tougher than taking off, so it is a hopeful sign.

Back to the airport at o-dark-thirty in the AM. Wish me well -- with the flight, and with the class.


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