Homeward Bound

Huzzah! I am in Portland! Which means I got out of Klamath Falls. Which means, barring new exciting adventures, I will be home tonight. In plenty of time to teach tomorrow. :)

Of course there were more delays. Of course.

The airplane that I was supposed to get on this morning, the first to successfully land in KF in 24 hours, had, as my test-pilot uncle would say, "developed issues." Specifically, one of circuit breakers had broke. And the flight crew is not allowed fix such issues themselves, even when it only involves flipping a switch, so they had to call in a mechanic. And something delayed the mechanic -- whether from getting there, or from giving the plane the green light, is not clear to me.

So they requisitioned a plane from Sacramento, but then we had to wait for the plane to get to KF before we could depart. That pushed everything back a couple of hours. But, hey, when you're already a day late, what's a couple of hours?

Then, as the backup plane was enroute, they finally cleared the original plane. So they sent the backup plane back to Sacramento, and we got on our original plane, later than scheduled, but earlier than rescheduled. The only people who had connection problems were those headed to Seattle. Which was, like, half the flight. But not me. I even have time to log on to the extremely slow connection here in the terminal.

Brian kindly called me to see if I needed a ride. "Are you at the airport?" he asked. It took me a few moments to realize that he meant RDU. I was, indeed, at the airport, but at the front end of my flight, not at its conclusion. That will still be another several hours yet.

Gotta go. My plane is boarding.


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