Archeaology update

I'm in striking distance on part 1 of part 1 of my bibliography project: compiling the master list of candidates. This, like everything in life, is taking longer than I anticipated. But I've made substantial headway this week.

Right now, I'm at 81 titles and counting, and I have a few more graduate-level classes that I've taken for which I still need to mine the bibliography.

To be honest, there is a fair minority of books on this list for which I definitely do not want to be held accountable, so it's nice to have so much padding that I'm going to be forced to leave out more books than I include. I just hope that it won't be too difficult to convince the committee members who asked me to read those books in the first place that they needn't be on the reading list to demonstrate my basic competency in Christian theology. I guess the worst case is that I'll have to spend time reviewing a handful of books that I didn't much care for in the first place. Not exactly a fate worse than death.


Sarah said...

Honey, stop adding.

Forty books for theology, fifteen for the other two. Max. Seriously. And only ten of them should be books you can't already give a one-paragraph summary about. Hand it in--you're done.

As a matter of fact, cut back. They'll tell you if you need to add more. You won't.

Rachel said...

I'm not adding. I'm getting my bearings. (See my previous rant about being overwhelmed by the limit, plus my comment here about being glad to cut the list by more than half.) I have no intention of actually submitting a list over 25 titles long. But I can't even remember the titles of everything I've read in the last six years, much less the contents.

Not to mention that even with 80 titles and counting, I'm still thin in a couple of historical periods! I'm sure my committee will be happy to help fill in those blanks, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I have actually read enough to cover the bases, if I could just unearth them.

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