I slipped and fell down the stairs this morning.

All the way down the stairs.

on my left hip and shoulder.

I'm working on some pretty spectacular bruises. So if you bump into me and I cringe, it's not you, it's me. Hugs are still welcome, but gentleness is appreciated.

So I was late to the opening of the ABC sale, because when I would have been driving up the hill, I was crumpled in a heap on the floor. Eventually, I pulled myself up and made my way into the kitchen,

and almost blacked out.


The first time, I leaned up against the counter. The second time, I eased my way into a chair and stared at the wall for several minutes, wondering:

  1. How one would go about replicating the weird visual effect I was experiencing (sort of like a kind of gray screen overlaying entire my visual field) in an artistic medium, and
  2. Why blunt trauma to the muscle tissue of my leg and shoulder was causing such pronounced effects to my vision and balance.
(I suppose my body was marshaling all resources not engaged in essential duty, like pumping blood, to care for my new injuries, and wasn't interested in wasting energy on non-essentials like seeing or standing up. An impressive system, if you think about it.)

Time for some more ibuprofen, I think.


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