Can't. Think.

I apologize in advance for cluttering the internet with this utterly pointless navel-gazing.

My brain is totally seized up. I know there are things I need to do. I have a vague notion that there might be worthwhile things going on around me. (Help identifying them is welcome: what's worth doing this weekend?) But when it comes to actually engaging in anything...

When in doubt, retreat to the most basic of human needs. Have I eaten lunch yet? No. So, start there, and hope that the world starts to make more sense.

For the kind people who worry about me, this is not the paralysis of depression, which accounts for, oh, most of October through early March as well as significant stretches of the four previous years. I actually Accomplished Something, or rather a couple of significant Somethings, this week. Not as quickly or completely as I would have liked, but, there you go. Story of my life. I think it's the post-project-completion let down, combined with the knowledge that I'm not done yet (typical particularly of reading/finals weeks, although I haven't experienced the student end of it for some semesters now), that is overwhelming my mental circuits at the moment.

Okay. Food. I know I still have some yummy leftovers from dinner on Monday...

P.S. to the kind people who worry about me: my bruise from last weekend is healing up nicely.


ellbee said...

I can SOOO totally relate today. I am in a funk that is not depression, per se. Just feel like I'm trying to move through a room full of molasses (with sugar-breathing gills, at least)

BTW - you mentioned the Indelible Grace project in a comment re:Modern hymns. I had forgotten about that... and the fact that I always want to call it Inedible Grace.

Hope your fog lifts soon!

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