Random Irritations

1. Combine the onset of summer vacation with the impending release of the 5th Harry Potter movie/7th Harry Potter book, and I am suddenly competing with all the schoolchildren of Chapel Hill for what was heretofore an ample supply of library copies of the HP audiobooks, masterfully narrated by Jim Dale. I now (thanks to library sales) own books 3 & 5 on cassette, but I've been hankering to review book 4. No dice. Those darn kids! What do they think they're doing, checking books out from the public library?

2. The cheap versions of liquid or gel drain de-clogger are complete wastes of money. This applies not only to the dollar-store version, but to the "industrial strength" generic version sitting next to the name-brand products on the shelf at Wal*Mart of wherever. On the other hand, the name-brand stuff works. At least for a month at a time.

3. "This" is kinda fun: an entire blog dedicated to my chief grammatical pet peeve.

I've been thinking about blogging about inadequate signage, which is my chief pet peeve about the universe. I encounter multiple examples every weekend when I go out garage saling. But it would be too much of a hassle to document the examples.


Leah said...

The blog is "hilarious"!

Sarah said...

I don't have a "chief" grammatical pet peeve--I pretty much hate them all--but if I did, it would be incorrect word usage prompted by poor pronunciation.

"I would of gone to the store. . ."

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