Mmmm... Donuts....

Krispy Kreme is doing a birthday promotion today: if your birthday is July 13, you can go into a Krispy Kreme store and get a free dozen doughnuts.

I know one person with -- presumably -- a July 13 birthday, but as he is busy being born, or recently has been born, or will soon be born -- I'm gonna guess that his parents will have other things on their minds today than claiming free doughnuts. That, and it's gonna be kinda hard to get the requisite government-issued photo ID by close of business. (Maybe Krispy Kreme would accept a birth certificate under the circumstances...)

Anyway: happy birthday, Zebediah Zaccheus Benedict Bartholomew Barnabas Melchizedek Moses Manassah Mordecai Zacharias Zerubbabel Zephaniah Adeodatus Aquinas Abelard Sours! Can't wait to meet you and find out what your parents really decided to name you!


Joseph James said...

Greetings fellow blogger! I have been 'tagged' to participate in a blogging game of sorts. So... I have reached out and tagged someone who I don't even know- YOU! It's the ABC game and it is posted on my blog, come on and join in the fun!


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