More Potter speculation

Jeff on Facebook had a wonderfully succinct statement of what he expects to happen in book seven:

Mundungus has the locket, Aunt Petunia will help defeat Voldemort, Snape is good, book six couples will marry, and Neville will become a teacher. The end.

To which I say,
Good idea, good idea, most definitely, insofar as they survive, and most definitely.

Oh, and Argus Filch will do magic in "desperate circumstances."


Alicia said...

On the subject of how many characters will die: JKR let slip the phrase "blood bath" in an interview we saw in London. She quickly rescinded it--"Well, not a blood bath," but it reminds me of your remarks about Shakespearean tragedy. Also, I was touched by her comments that she absolutely lost it emotionally near the end. It might have been the epilogue--I can't quite remember now. But she said it was something she had known about since the beginning, and the act of finally writing it down as opposed to thinking about writing it was overwhelming. I agree that she has more than earned the right to retire.

L M said...

And Malfoy will have the opportunity to turn good. He even may turn good. Snape will probably have something to do with this.

I wouldn't be surprised if Harry dies, either.

Rachel said...

Yes, yes. I've been holding out for the redemption of Draco for most of the series, a rooting interest that's almost been eclipsed by all the other plot points buzzing about awaiting resolution.

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