Houston, we have breakfast

Turns out, I don't need my morning cup o' joe so much to get going as to keep going. I reach for it automatically, but it's not like I'm a slug until transformed by my magic potion. It's more a matter that I start dragging even earlier in the day than usual if I don't have my fix by midmorning. So, I can eat breakfast before I have my coffee. I can even make breakfast before I have my coffee, even if/when that making involves more than pouring milk on cereal.

So the "I can't function until I have my caffeine, which makes me not hungry" excuse for skipping breakfast doesn't work. That still leaves the second half of the breakfast problem, which is that even before my appetite-suppressing drug of choice, most standard American breakfast foods do not appeal to me first thing in the morning. My stomach takes a few hours to wake up, so things that are too sugary or fatty just aren't appetizing until sometime in the middle of the afternoon. That should be a good thing, since breakfast isn't supposed to be too sugary or fatty. But I find it limits my horizons. Even cereal I like better as an evening snack than a day-starter. And the cereals I like are lightly sweetened, but by no means are they sugar bombs. So I think I need to come up with some creative non-traditional breakfasts.

Like this morning, halfway through my bowl of cereal, I had the thought: You know what would be good right now? Soup! (I got a fair amount of soup on triple-coupon day. But not nearly as much as I had coupons for.) Well, you know, why not? Soup for breakfast! That's going on the rotation.

I welcome suggestions for other non-breakfast breakfast foods. Special bonus for ideas that minimize the need to chew before 10 a.m.


Mike said...

For breakfast? Pizza.

Never not good.

Don't like to chew? Throw it in the blender first.


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