Now that I have all this food, I suppose I should eat some of it

New rule. Rachel has to eat breakfast before she has her cup of coffee.

This was the utterly common sense suggestion of my doctor, after I confessed to him that I was low on energy even though I am exercising and am experiencing otherwise satisfactory results from my medications. I further told him that I thought part of the problem might be subpar nutrition due to my lack of appetite, and that part of that problem might be the appetite-suppressing effect of my regular morning cup of coffee. You state it like that, and the conclusion is obvious. Except that there is nothing obvious to me about doing anything B.C. Wake up, grab coffee -- it's like breathing, as I recently noted.

So this is going to be interesting. Because I'm not sure that I can operate a blender without having coffee first. I think I might be able to manage to pour milk over cereal and insert cereal into my mouth. If I'm able to hold myself to the rule, it should solve the skipping breakfast problem, because facing the day without coffee is not an option.

Which reminds me. I should go set up the coffeemaker so it can brew tomorrow morning while I'm eating breakfast.


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