Happy Everything Day

... this book does not waste the reader's valuable brain cells with such trivial details as when various events actually occured. Oh, sure, it contains many exact dates -- it is, after all, a history book -- but you will notice that we have tried to make these dates as easy as possible to remember by making them all start with "October 8," as in "October 8, 1729," or "October 8, 1953." We chose this pariticular date after carefully weighing a number of important historical criteria, such as (a) it is our son's birthday.

--Dave Berry Slept Here, introduction


Mike said...

Don't tell my boss, but I introduced this strategy to my class this Oct. 8 while teaching 5th grade American History to my MK students here in Senegal. The way I see it, the American ones are barely American anyway (not to mention the Koreans... who aren't American at all...). Why do they need to know that Columbus accidentally ran into the Bahamas on October 12? October 8 is plenty close enough.

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