This Counts as News?


JAMA study finds that treating depression in employees improves productivity.


Reduced productivity is a symptom of depression. Treatments for depression are generally effective in mitigating symptoms. Ergo, if a depressed worker receives treatment, she will most likely become more productive. We need a study for this?

Well, no, we need a study to quantify the productivity costs and gains in economic terms, so that we can argue to employers that it will benefit their own bottom line to provide mental health care.

But what about those of us who are depressed and unemployed?


Survey: More Americans know Big Mac ingredients than Ten Commandments.

So we just need to set the Ten Commandments to a catchy jingle that will stick in people's minds more than 30 years after it initially aired. And also pick three commandments to drop from the list. And shorten them all to two words or less. Then it might be a comparison of apples to apples.

For years (even as a graduate student in BIBLICAL ETHICS!), when challenged to list the Ten Commandments off the top of my head, I could easily rattle off nine and be stymied trying to recall that last one. And it was a different commandment that stumped me every time. I think I've finally got them down, though.

Check your own recall (of the commandments, not the Big Mac) here. (Why oh why do we need another Ten Commandments movie?)

Fun Trivia: You know those big old "Ten Commandments" monuments in front of court houses and in public parks around the country that occasionally become points of contention between the ACLU-types and the bring-God-back-to-the-public-square types? A lot of them were donated as publicity gimmicks for the original Ten Commandments movie.


Robin said...

I like multiple choice -- I got them all right. Dad.

Sarah said...

I didn't have these memorized until Isaac had memorizing them as a Sunday School lesson. Then I had to learn them real quick.

Mike said...

Yeah, I gotta admit, the multiple choice helped. 100% for me, but I was a little nervous to hit the submit button. - Mike

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