"That would be so God."

This is very funny. And very, very sad. Better to be an atheist than believe in such a god.

(N.B., lest I sound like a Marcionite: I don't consider this a fair depiction of the "God of the Old Testament" or the God of Modern Judaism. I suspect the author doesn't, either.)

I particularly like the description of what will happen when Messiah comes:

... it was then, Rabbi Napier had taught us in the fourth grade, that the wicked would be punished, the dead would be resurrected, and pigs would become kosher.

Yeah, that sounds pretty much like what I believe happened when Messiah came: the wicked were punished, but vicariously; the dead were resurrected, but only the firstfruits; and as for the pigs, well, it took us a few years to figure that out, but yes, they became kosher.

(HT: ayjay, constant purveyor of fascinating links, with the remarkable restraint to refrain from commenting on them.)


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