This is getting kinda funny...

... in a really perverse sort of way.

On my way to my physical check-up for the neck injury, my car's brakes went all spongy on me.

Momentary panic, much like when that other car slammed into me. But the car did stop, and I did not have another accident.

I got off the highway as soon as possible and limped my way to the clinic, leaving very generous stopping distances and travelling slowly enough to probably annoy all the other drivers around me. Thence to a nearby garage where they would let me leave it overnight and check it in the morning. Hopefully they can fix whatever it is while I'm out of town. Hopefully it won't cost multiple times what the car is worth. I caught a bus back to Chapel Hill.

And I still don't know how I'm getting to the airport tomorrow. (Please excuse the transparent pathetic cry for help. It's been one of those days, and then some.)

At least my appointment was encouraging. Looks like a mild case of whiplash exacerbated by stress, treatable with OTC painkillers and miscellaneous home care measures (massage, damp heat, stretching exercises).


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