The Moving Cube Cometh

My shipping container is scheduled for delivery today. Sometime between 8 and noon, or maybe later. They give you a four-hour delivery window, and then remind you that they can't guarantee delivery times. "No one knows the day or the hour..." Well, theoretically I know the day, but the hour is an open question. Heightened advent anticipation, anyone?

**Update: as I typed those words, the delivery guy called and said they would be here in "about two hours." We'll see. Now I'm nervous about them maneuvering the ginormous delivery truck into my complex. In pure linear feet, there should be plenty of space, but those things don't have the turning radii of my little zippy car.

***Update2: as I typed those words, I decided I would feel better if I went out and actually paced off the space required for the flatbed delivery truck. It worked, to a degree. I'm still concerned that backing that behemoth out of the parking lot will be a trick. But that's why they pay the professional drivers the big bucks, right?

I keep the container in my parking space over the long holiday weekend and fill it with my stuff, then dispatch it to Oxnard.

My apartment is a wreck, and I'm not doing so well myself.

I have an absent-mindedness gene. This does not go well with turning one's apartment into a staging area for a cross-country move while also trying to retain at least a basic level of navigability for the other occupant who is not moving. I keep consolidating the stuff that's been spread hither and yon in the packaging game, and thereby mislaying my scissors and/or tape.

Scissors, tape, and assorted other moving essentials are now consolidated in a dedicated plastic tub. So now I just have to find the tub. And remember to put things back there once I've used them.

On Tuesday, my anxiety peaked about the number of books that were still on my shelves rather than in boxes. In the last two days I've packed a lot more books, so now I'm comfortable that what remains can be handled in the next few days. So my anxiety is now free to brood on other things.

I'm in grave danger of the paralysis of so many tasks to attend to that it's impossible to start.

Best be on my way...


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