On the Road Again, and Again, and Again...

We're still out here. And still driving. (Okay, not at this very moment, but still.)

I am in my first-cousin-once-removed-in-law's home office in Phoenix, AZ, which means there's only ONE MORE DAY on the road to the promised land! (I just called my mom's hometown the promised land. I can sense her eyes rolling through her sleeping eyelids in the next room.)

Driving for seven to ten hours a day is exhausting. I've got enough experience with road trips to know this, but it keeps surprising me. Why should sitting down all day be so fatiguing? Blame it on mind/body unity thing -- driving requires a relatively high level of concentration, even on the almost empty highway in west Texas. And it is a physical task, even if the use of one's body in guiding the vehicle is pretty subtle. Anyway, I've slept hard every night along the way.

I'll check in again after the iggle has landed. Thanks for all the good wishes.


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