Road Trip

Too tired to write much. Drove through four states yesterday, four states today. One state tomorrow, but it's Texas, so basically, four states tomorrow. Two states the next day, and two the day after that. And then I get to unpack and do all the moving-to-a-new-place chores. Fun.

I'm really glad my mom came out to help me with the drive across the country. It's good to have the company, and someone to share the driving.

Honestly, my brain has seized up in the sentence-making department. I think it's past my bedtime. G'nite.


danedy said...

FYI, you should count Texas as 5 states. It has the right (reserved in the papers through which it joined up) to divide into up to 5 states if it should so choose. Joining up as a sovereign nation has its advantages. (Apparently, so did that 7th grade Texas history class.)

Anyway, I'm glad of the update. Was beginning to wonder....

leslie ruth said...

Oh Texas. I'm not suprised to hear they think of themselves as a sovereign nation. Believe me, this whole Texas pride thing is beyond me and I've been here for over a year. Weirdos.

Blessings on your journey!!


Rachel said...

I guess I was counting Texas as five states. One state on day three of the trip (Louisiana-Dallas), and four states on day four (Dallas-El Paso).

Jeepers, it's a big country.

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