Name that Plant, installment 3

In which there are finally pictures.

1. Eschscholzia californica (California poppy)
2. Agapanthus (Lily-of-the-Nile)
3. Meticago sativa (Alfalfa)
4. Fuschia
5. Cosmos

6. Mentha spicata: Spearmint.

When I ripped up the overgrown back door herb plot, I tried to propagate the marjoram and mint from cuttings. My stem-cuttings of the marjoram failed, but no matter, because the plants have popped up of their own accord from the leftover roots in the ground. The bit of mint root that I buried in a pot, on the other hand, took off. A month ago, this pot had just a bit of naked stem poking up on one end. That bit -- in the lower left of the photo -- grew leaves first, but soon enough little specks of green started showing up at the other end, too. (It's easier to remember to water it when there's something visible growing.)

I learned how resilient mint can be last year, when I went to recycle the pot in which I had allowed my previous year's mint plant to die away of neglect, only to find that a fresh growth of green was coming up again from the roots. So I started taking care of it again instead of dumping it.

7. Ipomoea: Morning glory.

Climbing vine: "... the botanical name is from the Greek ips, meaning 'worm,' and homoios, 'resembling' ..." (Ency of Garden Plants). Includes hundreds of species.

L: GrandDad tried to plant some of the palm seeds that we find around the property to see if any of them would grow. None of the palms sprouted, but a morning glory that was apparently mixed in the dirt did. So he added a stake to give it something to climb. Something else, we know not what, but neither morning glory nor palm, has also sprung up in the same pot. The heart-shaped leaves are the morning glory; the smaller, serrated leaves in the foreground are the we-know-not-what. We're going to let it grow for a while and see if it exhibits some more identifying features.

R: A morning glory vine growing on one of the rose bushes outside.


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