I'm still here

When your brother writes from Africa in the midst of the first week of school to complain that you haven't been blogging enough, it's probably time to get back on the information superhighway bandwagon.

See, I've been busy. (-ish.) I got a makeover and started a new job. And Aunt S. came to visit. All of which are grist for extensive updates. Except that there is less time left for the writing of them.

And that time is not today, since I'm preaching tomorrow, and I had variations on the same nightmare three times in a row yesterday morning: that it was Sunday morning and I hadn't finished started writing my sermon yet. So, um, yeah, that's today's major writing project. Because, if I had to, I COULD wing it tomorrow based on my prep so far -- but I wouldn't be very satisfied with the results. And I like to avoid self-inflicted anxiety stomach aches when reasonably possible.

The text is Ephesians 4:14-16, in case anyone's interested. I had a hard time coming up with the title, since "No Longer Infants," which was the only thing that came to mind, just didn't seem right for a congregation that's at least 60 percent over the age of 60. I wound up with "Growing Together," which is boring as heck, but at least covers anything I might come up with to say. Titles aren't my thing. (This was one of the nice things about academia: boring, straight-forward, and even unintelligibly jargon-laden titles were par for the course. At least until your publisher's marketing department got a hold of your book. An issue conveniently avoided by not getting around to writing a book.)

So, I shan't write a book here today -- just a quick note from the garden, and then back to my off-line life.


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