Nothing says "Welcome in the Name of Christ"...

... like an in-your-face sticker demanding that you remove your vehicle, stuck to your windshield with industrial-strength epoxy.  

Because some computer somewhere evidently thinks that I am a protestant clergyperson, I get random things in the mail like church supply catalogs, which can be rather interesting to flip through.  They have solutions to problems you didn't even know you had.  

The thing that struck me was the wide assortment of parking violation stickers available, with two adhesive strengths: "mild" for less aggressive enforcement, and "strong," which requires a scraper and a lot of elbow grease to remove.  This leaves a lasting impression on the violator.  

Uh-huh.  Because that's the impression we want people to have about our churches.  


Sarah said...

I can't stop giggling!!!

I can just imagine a Methodist clergywoman, pouring over her options, nibbling her fingernails, and wondering to herself how not-nice a congregation member has to be before she's allowed to be not-nice enough to use the industrial strength parking violation sticker!!!!

Thanks for the day's good chuckle.

David and Sarah said...

You made me smile with this post. We miss you!

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

Oh, my! That's just horrifying!

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