I am shaking off the dregs of a head cold that knocked my feet out from under me a week and a half ago.  The good news is that I managed to avoid sharing my virus with GrandDad.  He was very understanding of my sleeping the days away and serving Lean Cuisines for dinner while letting the housework pile up.  (You know that it's been too long since you've done the dishes when a spider builds a web in your kitchen sink.)  

Now I'm working on getting things back under control -- which includes doing something with the fruit that has been piling up on the kitchen counter and overflowing onto the kitchen table.  Alas, I took a week off from homemaking, but the trees did not oblige by taking a week off from bearing.  

We have two varieties of persimmon tree in the yard, and the more astringent of the two has been bearing especially prolifically this year.  It produces these absolutely gorgeous deep orange fruit that are too bitter to eat until they're fully ripe.  Then, they are wonderfully sweet, but also extremely squooshy.  We've been eating them every day, but we still can't keep up.

The monstrous pineapple guava tree outside my bedroom window is also yielding more fruit than we know what to do with.  They are great for eating fresh, but we've had two baskets' worth consigned to the compost bin from going bad before we got to them.  

So yesterday GrandDad and I hauled the dehydrator out of the bottom of the guest bedroom closet and set it up in the kitchen.  The persimmon slices are about done, and the pineapple guava leather is getting started.  

P.S.  We've also got apples, avocados, the last of the tomatoes, and even a pomegranate!  Not so many of these that we need to dry them, though.  Although, come to think of it, I might try it with some of the apples, as long as we've got the machine fired up.


Sarah said...

I don't think I've ever had a guava before in my life.

My garden is bursting with collards right about now. I think I want to move to California.

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