Things my grandfather has taken apart in the past fortnight:

1.  His television remote control.

The volume-up button had stopped working.  And this on a relatively new remote control -- the TV system is only three or four years old.  So he decided to see if anything could be done.  Verdict: inoperable damage.  Solution: his chair is close enough to the television that he can reach the buttons by leaning forward and stretching.  I'm shopping for a universal remote to replace the broken one, but he says he's not in any hurry.

2.  The wireless router for his home internet system.

Because it was there.  We upgraded to fiberoptic service two weeks ago, which came with a new modem/router unit, making the old one superfluous.  So he decided to see what was inside, and whether there were any salvagable electronic parts.  

3.  My magic bullet mini-blender.

Last week, it worked just fine.  This week: click.  First he checked the power supply, which was good, so he hypothesized that it was one of the microswitches.  Once he got the thing all the way apart, though, he discovered a simpler problem: spilled food clogging the spring-loaded switches.  So he brought the casing to me to clean, and then reassembled the whole unit (that was the tricky part).  Good as new!


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